Terms and Conditions

Updated 22 October, 2018

You Deserve Effective Marketing. That's why we constantly refresh our services with cutting edge techniques. 

You deserve the world, not a vision, that's why we deliver real world results in the form of: 


a). itemized features 


b). KPI dashboard


c). Constant Modernization may require SLA's (service level agreements) to change at lead arcade discretion providing a more effective benefit oriented (rather than static features) driven marketing approach. 


d). Platform Access occasionally, often, lead arcade llc services are dependent or magnified by the enhanced leverage available for use via the client in-house assets, including


  • Social Media Access & Posting Rights 
  • Google Ad Accounts Reporting or Editing
  • Google My Business Maps
  • Website Access & Log ins with right(s) of editing outlined by client expressly or unlimited access, brand representation & Integrated Pay Per Performance (when applicable) invoicing based on agreed upon CTA's (call to actions such as outlined in the Pay per performance models below and at discretion of lead arcade llc 


Our pledge is to always give you 100% control over our Rights & Permissions of Your Data &/or Access Privileges Granting & Revocation protocols. 


Pay Per Performance Offers and Payment Models 

Sometimes referred to as Qualified Lead Subscription or QLS. Some pay per performance programs MAY require pay pal pay as you go payment arrangements, in which case upon customer order there is placed a credit of the leads type and debited at the agreement rate. 


a). Pay Per Call 


b). Online Scheduled Appointment 


c). CTA defined by agreement


Partners & Affiliates

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Opt Out, Manual Cancels or Unsubscribes

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Privacy Policy & Right to Confidentiality

We firmly support the right to be forgotten, to your rights to expect privacy, that no proprietary information shared with lead arcade, llc. member representatives or partners sharing consideration of services shall be held in the utmost security protocols such as secure servers, ssl certified payment communication.